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Hi,I'm Sydney.Full time dork, Part-time model.

insanity-is-everywhere said: Syd dolla dolla bills sucks

Seanathin sucks more.

Anonymous said: we always do. i want to bring up one of the times but that will give everything away. anyways im off to bed, i like you. a lot. you are beautiful :)

Have a good night. :)

Anonymous said: i can tell you that you will be seeing me this week :)

Okay, good. I hope we do some cool shit.

Anonymous said: i can not wait to see you again

Well, I really hope it’s soon. I’m positive you’re amazing too. :)

Anonymous said: never mind. you know, you had me smiling all day

You make me smile every time you send me a message, and I’m sure if I knew who you are you would make me smile a lot more.


Do you ever just hear a girl talk about boys and remember again how gay you are

Anonymous said: its weird because i feel so great around you, you make me feel like no other person has. if you have an idea, message me?

On Tumblr, or like text?

Anonymous said: i like to message you because i dont have the confidence to tell you who i am but if its only confusing you i dont want to do that

No, I like you messaging me. Don’t stop doing that if that’s what you feel comfortable doing right now, but one day I hope you’ll have the confidence to tell me. Because I really would like to know for certain.

Anonymous said: sorry to disappoint.

You’re not disappointing me, just confusing me. I feel like I know and then I don’t.

Anonymous said: no, you wont. you are probably unsure of who this is now arent you

A little bit.

Anonymous said: i will answer one more question tonight if you would like to

Will I see you tomorrow?

Anonymous said: can not say that either. why do you want to know who i am..

Because chances are I already have a clue and like you too.